Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Central City and Keystone City

"Twin cities" of America's Heartland, the Midwestern Metrocenters of Central City, Missouri and Keystone City, Kansas form one of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. More on the level of such cities as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Seattle - both Central City and Keystone City share the spotlight, as each city has its distinct industries, and provides its residents with a thriving economy and entertainment.

Central City is the more technologically progressive of the two cities. With the end of World War II, Central City shifted its economic agenda to focus on service-based and telecommunications industries. This propelled Central City into the same status as such urban centers as Denver, Cincinnati, Seattle, and Atlanta.

One of the biggest attractions of Central City is The Flash Museum. Primarily dedicated to the late Barry Allen - the second person to hold the mantle of The Fastest Man Alive, the museum holds media, memorabilia, and merchandise dedicated to preserving the legacy of The Flash - one of the world's greatest super-heroes! Be it Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, or Wally West, all three men have dedicated their lives to defending the two cities from a horde of super-villains. Central City has two major professional sports teams - the Central City Cheetahs football team, and the Central City Blackjacks baseball team.

Keystone City has a more blue collar based economy. Several manufacturing facilities have defined Keystone City as the heart of the Midwest. While it serves equal status with Central City, many people often compare Keystone City to Oakland, California and Baltimore, Maryland - two cities that stand side-by-side more popular, more prestigious counterparts (San Francisco and Washington, D.C. respectively). Keystone City was the original home to The Flash legend, as Jay Garrick blazed a trail, defending the city from such infamous evildoers as The Shade, The Thinker, The Turtle, The Fiddler, Rag Doll, and even Vandal Savage. Recently, Keystone City has roundly supported its new professional hockey team - the Keystone Combines.

From time to time, Superman has helped saved both Central and Keystone. The Man of Steel is a close friend of the modern Flash, and while equally friendly with the original Flash, Jay Garrick has often served as a mentor to Superman - his veteran skills as a super-hero have taught Superman valuable lessons in life.

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


This is a listing of many of the notable characters and a few places that have appeared in the Superman comics from the 1986 revamp up until around 2008.

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Although Superman often appears in other DC Comics, this text's information is limited mainly to what has occurred in the regular Superman comics.

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