Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Gotham City

Located along the Northeast Corridor, Gotham City is a major American center of commerce and culture. It is one of the nation's three largest cities (smaller than Metropolis, but tying New York City in population), and continually rivals The Big Apple and The Big Apricot for status as the nation's spiritual center, as well as capital of the free world.

However, Gotham City is most noted for being the home of several prominent super heroes---namely Batman. Also known as The Dark Knight, he and Superman form The World's Finest Duo, as their combined talents create an unrivaled force in the field of crimefighting. Both heroes are also affiliated with the Justice League of America.

While Superman's home base is Metropolis, he has saved Gotham City repeatedly; most notably when protecting its denizens against The Joker, Magpie, factions of Intergang, and also against the vile sorcerer Blackbriar Thorn.

Metropolis, Gotham City and New York City are distinct, but share several uncanny similarities. The Gotham State Building, the Gotham Twin Towers and Lady Gotham are amazing doppelgangers of legendary New York landmarks. More intriguing, is that Gotham Square shares the same exact proportions and qualities of Metropolis's Veterans Square and New York's Times Square.

What distinguishes Gotham City is its elaborate and uniformed architecture. Massive and ornate, the gothic structures of the Gotham skyline are both breathtaking and foreboding. As Metropolis is called The City of Tomorrow, Gotham City's persona is far more dubious. Its dark alleys and chaotic corners continuously draw people and repel them in simultaneous revolutions of humanity. As Metropolis inspires people to hope, Gotham makes its citizens question the conundrum of life that is humanity. And yet, surely 7,000,000+ people have no qualms living in Gotham. A city so exciting can't be so bad....

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


This is a listing of many of the notable characters and a few places that have appeared in the Superman comics from the 1986 revamp up until around 2008.

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Although Superman often appears in other DC Comics, this text's information is limited mainly to what has occurred in the regular Superman comics.

Many thanks to Scotty V, Derrick Lyle Coleman, Dean Vanek, Genevieve Clemens and Benjamin Grose who all helped out at one time or another with writing and updating these Who's Who descriptions.

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  • ACT = Action Comics
  • MOT = Man of Tomorrow

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“First Appearance” refers to the issue since 1986 unless otherwise noted.