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The 100

The 100 is a high-tech crime syndicate well entrenched in the city of Metropolis. Although it may have national or worldwide tentacles, its activities have been centered in the Big Apricot throughout the years. Its form and structure have evolved over time, but its sole agenda as a major crime cartel has not changed.

Unfortunately for the evil institution, The 100 has a bad habit of making the wrong enemies. One of its foremost opponents is The Thorn. When the group assassinated Detective Phil Forrest, it traumatized his daughter Rose to the point that she became a daredevil vigilante - The Thorn - who has waged an endless and rather successful war against The 100. When one its leaders, Tobias Whale, stepped into the forefront, his reign was unhinged when he drew the attention of Black Lightning, who originated in Metropolis.

Some time ago, The 100 attempted its most massive and dastardly agenda to date. Renamed The 1000, the syndicate attempted a vast conspiracy to control the very Presidency of the United States of America, and eventually surface to unchallenged power throughout the free world. The Director, who masqueraded as a senator in his alter ego, employed several super-villains to enact his plot: Mindancer, Chiller, Shockwave, Dr. Shocker, Blackguard, and even Poison Ivy. This plot was undone thanks to emerging superhero Booster Gold, The Thorn, and even a time-traveling contingent of The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Seemingly abandoning such lofty schemes, The 1000 creeped into the shadows and resumed its original name and agenda. The 100 has less loftier goals, but still remains as a leading crime syndicate headquartered in Metropolis. The Thorn and even Superman have stopped their more recent schemes.

First Appearance (Historical): Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #105

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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