Who's Who in the Superman Comics

President Luthor's Cabinet

Achieving his goal of becoming more important than Superman, Lex Luthor succeeded in becoming President of the United States of America. Choosing a cabinet of honorable and esteemed individuals, President Luthor used his officials to gain the public's trust, and instill the belief that he has an honorable administration.

The members of the Luthor Cabinet include:

Frank Rock, legendary veteran of World War II. As a sergeant in the U.S. Army, he led Easy Company to numerous victories during the great war. As a general, he became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Amanda Waller was the Director and Warden of Belle Reve penitentary, a penal center for America's deadliest superhuman criminals. Now, as Secretary of Meta-Human Affairs, she works directly for Lex Luthor, secretly utilizing the Suicide Squad to further the interests of the President.

Jefferson Pierce was a gold-medal winning Olympian. He was also a successful high school teacher, secretly fighting crime and corruption as the masked dynamo Black Lightning. Now, as Secretary of Education, he uses his influence to affect his teaching skills on a nationwide level, and hopes to illuminate the nation's teens to a brighter tomorrow.

Major Samuel Lane was a career military man. A diehard combatant and patriot, he became the Secretary of Defense. Tragically, he lost his life during Imperiex's invasion of the planet Earth.

Catherine Grant, the onetime celebrity columnist for the Daily Planet newspaper, and chairwoman of Galaxy Communications, serves dutifully as the Press Secretary for Luthor's administration.

While most the above individuals are honest and respectful of the rights of the American citizen, one in particular is not: Amanda Waller has proved to be as dangerous and shady as she ever was. While instrumental in marshalling the metahuman heroes against Imperiex, Waller (nicknamed The Wall) has used the Suicide Squad to further the secret initiatives of President Luthor.

With the downfall of the Luthor presidency, so fell some of the cabinet. Amanda Waller was jailed, Sam Lane died in the Imperiex War, and Cat Grant is currently whereabouts unknown.

From President Luthor Secret Files & Origins #1

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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