Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Lana Lang

Friend of Superman. Lana grew up near Smallville and met Clark Kent in elementary school. They quickly became close friends, and Lana fell in love with Clark. Her thoughts of marriage ended in high school one night, however, when Clark revealed he had remarkable super powers and would be leaving Smallville. After Superman's debut, Lex Luthor had Lana kidnapped and interrogated in an attempt to learn Superman's secret identity, but Lana never cracked. Lana's connection with Superman has also caused her to be brainwashed by Manhunter androids, and injured during a fight between Superman and Matrix in Smallville. Lana always hoped there was a chance that Clark would marry her, but eventually gave up when Clark told her he loved Lois Lane. Lana persuaded Lois Lane that Clark loved her when Lois had doubts. Eventually, Lana sold her family's farm in Smallville and moved to Washington D.C where she has married another childhood friend of Clark Kent, Pete Ross (ACT #700). After Ross lost his senate position, the couple returned to Smallville. Lana was one of Lois' bridesmaids at Lois and Clark's wedding. Later, Lana was pregnant, unknown to Clark, and when she was involved in a car accident, the baby was born 2 months pre-mature. She called Clark to ask him if he could help save her baby. As Superman, he was taking the infant to another hospital when Doomsday, inhabited by Brainiac's mind, attacked him. He took the child, intending to grow a more controllable Doomsday from his tiny body. Superman and the child's father, Pete Ross, rescued the infant and Brainiac's technology had made him healthy. Lana and Pete named him Clark Peter Ross (Superman: The Doomsday Wars #1-3).

Lana took a back seat to the things going on around her when Lex Luthor chose her husband as vice president. Even knowing how twisted and evil Luthor was, her devotion to Clark Kent still holds true. She doesn't reveal the trials Luthor put her through to keep Clark's secret from Pete.

When Luthor fell, Pete ascended briefly to the presidency, and when he did, Lana decided to end their relationship for reasons that have not yet been revealed. She moved back toward Clark and tried to seduce him, ultimately failing. Currently, she remains in a limbo of a sort, trying to figure out what to do with her life.

First Appearance: MOS #1 (July 1986)

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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