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Immortal goddess and supreme sorceress, Circe is one of Wonder Woman's deadliest enemies, and has faced Superman more than once. One of her trademark abilities is to transform people into beasts. For thousands of years, Circe resided on the island of Aeaea, while few were aware of her existence. When Wonder Woman visited the island to investigate trouble, she was nearly destroyed by the sinister sorceress, and since that time, Circe has waged an unrelenting assault on Wonder Woman, whom she considers to be her arch rival.

As a master manipulator, she orchestrated the infamous War of the Gods, a conflict which would have decimated mankind, if not for the major intervention of Wonder Woman. Several confrontations with the Amazon Princess brought Circe to the attention of Neron, a demonic entity who wishes to destroy Earth's super-heroes. Along with Lex Luthor, The Joker, Abra Kadabra, and Dr. Polaris, Circe sat on Neron's villainous council, as a supervisor for the world's villains, who were a part of Neron's campaign. Shortly afterward, Lex Luthor decided to reform his own version of the legendary Injustice Gang. He recruited Circe as one of his Gangsters. As a member of the Injustice Gang, she faced the Justice League of America, specifically Superman....and won. Nevertheless, the heroes managed to rescue a major concession from Luthor, and thus this iteration of the Injustice Gang was disbanded.

When Lex Luthor became the President of the United States of America, Circe invaded the White House and tried to convince Luthor that she would make a great "First Lady." However, Luthor rejected Circe, and the devilish seductress departed for yet another grand scheme (as seen in President Luthor Secret Files & Origins #1). This time, along with a male version of The Cheetah, and The Silver Swan (two other foes of Wonder Woman), Circe managed to hijack Air Force One. Yet another passenger was noneother than The Joker. With a dose of Joker Venom, he infected Circe, and made an already maddened femme fatale into a crazed and manical mistress. Utilizing several female super-villains (including The Silver Banshee, Mongal, The White Rabbit, and Demolitia), she transformed nearly every male super-hero into an animal, and set the villainesses loose throughout New York City, to hunt down and destroy the heroes. Saving Superman for last, she transformed the Metropolis Marvel into a scaly monstrosity (not unlike Doomsday), and forced him to fight Wonder Woman.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of Wonder Woman and several super-heroines, the heroes themselves and New York City were saved. Eventually Circe was hunted down by Wonder Woman, and defeated. The Amazon Princess personally escorted her to prison. However, it is likely - with someone possessing such sorcerous abilities, that incareration is only temporary. (These events transpired in Wonder Woman #174-176)

Circe remains one of the world's most powerful villains. Because Superman is vulnerable to magic, should she ever concentrate her attention on him, The Man of Tomorrow could have a major dilemma on his hands.

First Appearance: Wonder Woman (1st series) #305; Wonder Woman (2nd series) #17

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