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Green Lantern - John Stewart

John Stewart originally became Green Lantern as an alternative and standby for his mentor, Hal Jordan. An architect from Detroit, Stewart proved himself to be honorable and fearless, two qualities required to become a Green Lantern. Initially hesitant, Stewart accepted his role as Green Lantern, and would become one of Earth's greatest super-heroes.

Some time back, Jordan decided to briefly retire from the Green Lantern Corps. It was during this time period, in which Stewart came into his own, that he stamped his seal of independence on the Green Lantern persona. Originally wearing a mask like his predecessor, Stewart is the first major Green Lantern of Earth to not wear a mask. He defended Los Angeles against such super criminals as Major Disaster, Sonar, Blindside, and Throttle. Then came the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the results afterward called for a renewed presence of Hal Jordan, as well as a full contingent of Green Lanterns to be based on Earth. Alongside several fellow Green Lanterns, John Stewart valiantly protected Sector 2814. He later married fellow Green Lantern Katma Tui, who came from the planet Korugar. Tragically, Katma was murdered by Star Sapphire, and the impact on Stewart was him leaving his Green Lantern legacy behind.

John Stewart, although no longer a Green Lantern, did not abandon super heroics. He served as a member of the Darkstars, another interplanetary police force. However, Stewart was brutally injured, and forced to retire from this crusading role. But as time healed his wounds, John Stewart slowly began to reconnect with the Green Lantern legend. He befriended Kyle Rayner, the latest Green Lantern of Earth, and also reconnected with Hal Jordan - whose beserker rage ultimately ended the Green Lantern Corps. Circumstances soon led to John Stewart receiving a new power ring, and once more, becoming Green Lantern. Returning to a powerful emerald legacy, John Stewart is once again among Earth's top heroes, having proven himself to be worthy of the title of Green Lantern.

With the return of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, the return of the Green Lantern Corps, and the recent transformation of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner into "Ion", Stewart remains one of Earth's Green Lanterns alongside Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, Jordan, Rayner, and Guy Gardner.

First Appearance: Green Lantern #87 (second series)

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