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Cave Carson

Cave Carson is one of the world's most famous adventurers. Born Calvin Carson, he gained his nickname "Cave" from his lifelong obsession with the underground environment of Earth. He became a professional spelunker, and developed the "Mighty Mole," an exploration vehicle/home for Carson and his associates.

When he originally began his career as an adventurer, Cave Carson was allied with like-minded explorers, whom together became a cohesive team. Among them were Bulldozer Smith, a tough strongman and ex-con, who also had a pet lemur for company; Christie Madison, a geolist; and Johnny Blake, a fellow spelunker and adventurer. Together, Cave and his comrades encountered several underground civilizations and menaces. Ultimately, his partners grew exhausted of the underground exploits, and parted company with Cave.

Going solo, Carson became the ultimate loner, furthering his curiosity with frequent trips to the underground haunts of the earth. He had retreated to a small tropical island, when he was called upon to aid The Omega Men find Superman. The Omega Men were interstellar freedom fighters, who desparately sought Superman's help. When it was revealed that Superman was trapped in a location beneath Metropolis, the heroes were led to Cave Carson for assistance. Carson reluctantly helped the other heroes find Superman, and eventually, proved pivotal in helping Superman defeat a costumed criminal called The Mole. This would be the first of many times in which Carson would help Superman.

When Vandal Savage enacted a major endeavor, leading towards his conquest of the planet, he drew major opposition from the Immortal Man, a rival who had gained immortality in a similar fashion to that of Savage. The Immortal Man, unlike Vandal Savage, was good, and it was through his leadership that the original Forgotten Heroes was formed. A team of extraordinary adventurers, its number included Carson. Together, the Forgotten Heroes helped Superman defeat Savage, and save the world.

Cave Carson would work with the Forgotten Heroes infrequently, as it was a loose faction of heroes who united to confront the evil immortal Vandal Savage. Ultimately, Carson returned to his lifelong habit of spelunking, and when the Mighty Mole broke down, instead of returning to the surface world, Cave Carson plunged further into the depths of the earth, living off of whatever food and warmth he could find. He became a true hermit, and felt satisfied living away from the rest of humanity.

However, Carson recently uncovered traces of the alien Brainiac 13 technology, coiled deep beneath the earth. Following the technomatter upward toward the surface, he came face-to-face with Talia Head, the CEO of LexCorp. Head wanted to mine as much of the technology as she could, and also wished for control of whatever mineral reserves which could be utilized by LexCorp. She signed Carson to a lucrative contract, and put him to work for LexOil.

Carson led LexOil to a petroleum deposit 20 miles beneath Central Asia. One day while researching the petroleum, he discovered "sulfate-respiring fungi", a living organism inside the oil. This was a mutating agent, actually controlling the oil. Fearing the alien consciousness within the black ooze, Carson headed for the Daily Planet, and personally approached Clark Kent with his information. He informed Kent with the reasoning that the story would attract super-heroes to halt the impending danger. He unknowingly spoke to Superman himself. Because of the information provided by Cave Carson, Superman was able to stop LexOil from mining the cybernetic petroleum.

Cave Carson has changed little in his appearance, over the years. Wearing a full-face of hair, the one new distinguishing feature is the patch he now has over his right eye.

Cave Carson is a moderate athlete, and average hand-to-hand combatant. Despite his lonewolf tendencies, he is a natural leader, and a true environmental activist.

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #31

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