Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Ross, Pete

A childhood friend of Clark Kent. Pete Ross was born near Smallville, and met Clark Kent when they were kids. He also met Lana Lang, and the three became close friends. Pete grew to love Lana, but knew she loved Clark more. After high school, Pete went to law school, then returned to Smallville and worked as a county agent. He still loved Lana, and eventually when Clark Kent and Lois Lane visited Smallville, Pete persuaded Lana that Clark was in love with Lois Lane. After resolving a local tribal dispute, Pete was offered a job in Washington D.C. by a Kansas senator. He accepted while staying in touch with Lana in Smallville. When Lana accepted that Clark would never marry her, she joined Pete in Washington and they eventually were married. After the Sons of Liberty kidnapped Lana and blackmailed Pete, he left the Senate and moved back to Kansas. Pete was one of the ushers at Lois and Clark's wedding. Pete again became involved in Superman's life when his and Lana's baby was kidnapped by Brainiac (in Doomsday's body) when Superman was trying to transfer the sick infant to a better hospital. Pete was hysterical at Superman and attempted to save the baby himself. He lives (happily) with his wife Lana and their baby boy.

In his efforts to become the President of the U.S.A, Lex Luthor made Pete Ross his running-mate (SUP #162). A move planned to win over the heartland of the nation. Upon winning the Presidential race, Pete Ross became the Vice-President.

In the wake of Luthor's removal from office, Pete Ross became the president, but only for a brief period of time before being forced to resign, presumably by Checkmate, though he told no one.

Pete Ross was revealed to be the villain called Ruin. But it's unclear whether he was set up or not (AOS #640).

First Appearance: AOS #436 (Jan. 1988)

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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