Who's Who in the Superman Comics


One of the universe's greatest bounty hunters, Lobo is also one of the most notorious rogues throughout the known cosmos. He's called The Last Czarnian because he murdered everyone on his homeworld! To call Lobo a hero is truly stretching things...but most of the times, he finds himself fighting side-by-side with the super-heroes on numerous occasions.

As a bounty hunter, Lobo aided the Omega Men, a ragtag renegade outfit, which ultimately saved the Vegan Solar System from the evil Citadel and the Spider Guild. As time marched on, Lobo made his way to Earth. Here, he found it habitual to challenge some of the most powerful heroes, regardless of property damage. Superman, Guy Gardner, and Captain Atom are just a few of the good guys whom Lobo looks for to get in a good brawl! When the Dominion attempted to invade the galaxy, Lobo and others formed the L.E.G.I.O.N., which would ultimately prove to be a precursor to The Legion of Super-Heroes, hundreds of years into the future.

Eventually parting with The L.E.G.I.O.N., Lobo established himself as The Main Man, becoming the greatest bounty hunter known throughout the universe, and causing calamity in bars throughout the cosmos. Lobo's connections with Superman stem from his continuous attempts to prove that he himself, not Superman, is the baddest man this side of the black hole. He will often team with The Man of Steel to stop a major menace, but before Superman can depart on friendly terms, he has to avoid a sucker punch from Lobo, who lives for a good fight. Nevertheless, it bears repeating that Lobo can be a force for good...although it's hard to say out loud. When Despero ran amok on Earth, and nearly killed members of the Justice League, it was Lobo who saved the day, brawling with Despero in the middle of the street. He's ruthless and mean; he's rough and unclean; his name is Lobo, and beware of trouble when he's on the scene!

First Appearance: (historic): Omega Men #3 (June 1983)
First Appearance: (current): Justice League International Vol. 1 #18 (October 1988)

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


This is a listing of many of the notable characters and a few places that have appeared in the Superman comics from the 1986 revamp up until around 2008.

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Although Superman often appears in other DC Comics, this text's information is limited mainly to what has occurred in the regular Superman comics.

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