Who's Who in the Superman Comics


Suicide Slum; lost in the shadow of the gleaming towers of Metropolis, this section of the city did not have much of its luck changed during the B13 upgrade. Dormant and decaying buildings gave way to the enormous engines that power the technology. Vagrant's alleyways were replaced with vast pipework that serves as the city's waste disposal system, a system already wrought with its own mutations.

The building that houses Steelworks was an abandoned factory in the Old Hook Basin district of Metropolis. It has become a bright spot in the former slum. Infusing Kryptonian technology with the upgraded factory's systems has given John Henry Irons a security system against attacks from LexCorp or the CyberMoths. This has in fact forced Luthor to take legal action against Irons, stating that the change from the base B13 tech has created a danger for the city. Luthor is simply furious because he cannot control what he does not understand. Irons is currently developing nonlethal metahumans control technology for use by Metropolis' Special Crimes Unit. His niece, Natasha, an Advanced Studies intern examining the health effects of the prototypes on the street, aids him in his technological pursuit.

One of the facilities first creations actually happened completely by accident (MOS #99). While Irons was away battling the CyberMoths' techno attacks in the underworld of Metropolis, a graviton experiment in his lab decided to make its presence known. What he found when he reached the lab was what he dubbed 'spontaneously generated thermonuclear growth'. Without any other options available Irons dumped 24 tons of molten iron into the forming gravity well. This produced a black hole and then formed into what is called a tesseract, or pocket dimension containing infinite space in a small area (DC One Million). From this discovery, Irons and Superman reconstructed the Fortress of Solitude inside the tesseract combining both Earthly and Kryptonian technology.

First Appearance: MOS #97 (Feb 2000).
Upgraded due to B13 Virus: MOS #98 (March 2000).

Who's Who in the Superman Comics


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