Who's Who in the Superman Comics

Justice Legion A

From the 853rd century comes Justice Legion A! A bizarre, futuristic version of our time's Justice League of America, the Justice Legion doesn't just protect the Earth, but the entire solar system!

  • Superman, directly descended from the modern Man of Steel, protects the entire planet Earth, and is based in a Fortress of Solitude that orbits the globe.

  • Batman, the Galaxy's Greatest Detective, defends the universe by guarding Pluto, the prison planet. His parents were prison guards, who were killed in a prison riot. And so, this Batman, while similar in appearance to the modern Dark Knight, has set his base of operations on Pluto, making sure that the galaxy's worst menaces are detained and no harm to the innocent. Partnered with a robotic Robin, Batman is one of the prime members of the Justice Legion.

  • Wonder Woman, is just like her modern day namesake; except she protects the planet Venus 0 - home of the Amazons. Composed of a blue, crystalline body, this particular Wonder Woman wears super cybernetic bracelets, that can defend their mistress without her notice.

  • The Flash, another major member of Justice Legion A, makes his home on Mercury. The Super Scion of Speed, this Flash protects Mercury against such villains as Commander Cold and Heat Wave.

  • Aquaman - as with his fellow Legion A mates, is a futuristic version of a modern day JLA hero. This Aquaman defends the planet Neptune, and all of its aquatic beauty.

    The Justice Legion A is also backed up by a Justice Legion B - a futuristic version of our time's Teen Titans. And the villains the Justice Legion battle are, like this JLA itself, futuristic incarnations of modern day characters: both The Laugher and The Laughing Matter are takes on The Joker; Meta-Clay, Riddle City, and PicoMoth are bizarre versions of Clayface, The Riddler, and Charaxes the Killer Moth. And the Superwoman of the far tomorrow is no less sinister than the Superwoman of the Crime Syndicate.

    First Appearance of Justice Legion A: DC One Million #1

    Who's Who in the Superman Comics


    This is a listing of many of the notable characters and a few places that have appeared in the Superman comics from the 1986 revamp up until around 2008.

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