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The Panala (Queen) of Alstair in the Antares solar system, Hyathis was continuously at war with three other interstellar monarchs: Kanjar Ro, Kromm, and Sayyar. This four-way conflict was ultimately ended when Kanjar Ro abducted the Justice League of America, and forced them to defeat his rivals. Hyathis met personal defeat when she was challenged by Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Eventually, the entire JLA managed to beat Kanjar Ro himself, and the four malevolent monarchs were imprisoned on a small planet.

Diehard loyalists of Hyathis rescued her, and took her to the planet Thanagar. At the time, a deadly plague was running rampant over the planet. Hyathis and her advanced Alstair technology provided the cure for Thanagarians. The price was instating Hyathis as empress of the entire planet.

Taking advantage of her new subjects, Hyathis transformed the Thanagarians into a more ambitious, warring populace. This led to Thanagar attempting to conquer the planet Rann. Here, Hyathis once again engaged Kanjar Ro in interplanetary war. However, the timely intervention of Hawkman put an end to the conflict. With the additional help of Superman and Batman, Hawkman was successful in finally deposing Hyathis as the planet's monarch.

But sadly, the Thanagarians enjoyed the taste of power and aggression that Hyathis provided them. Thanagarian factions eventually freed Hyathis, and then launched a shadow war against Earth. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were successful in thwarting the Thanagarian forces, but Hyathis escaped captivity.

Recent accounts have placed Hyathis back in the throne of her homeworld Alstair. An enigmatic figure, Hyathis possesses mental control over plant life. She can also breathe underwater and has advanced knowledge of Alstairian and Thanagarian technologies. Superman has opposed Hyathis on several occasions, and it's likely that The Last Son of Krypton stands ever vigilant against the oppressive will of Hyathis - wherever she attempts to conquer the cosmos!

First Appearance: Justice League of America #3

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