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Teen Titans #14 Teen Titans #14

Teen Titans #14

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 28, 2012

Cover date: January 2013

"The Origin of Wonder Girl" - Part 2

Writer: Scott Lobdell & Fabian Nicieza
Penciller: Alé Garza
Inker: Alé Garza

Reviewed by: Keith Samra

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Continued from last issue, Superboy, Red Robin and a now powerless Wonder Girl are hot on the trail of Diesel. Wonder Girl's ex-boyfriend and now bearer of the Silent Armor. They find themselves in Cambodia at an old dig site of Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandsmark's mother, where she first came across the Silent Armor. They stop to inspect some inscriptions in a cave that reference the demon Trigon (something that may come into play in a future arc on the title).

Diesel attacks with his new army, made from drops of his blood. The Teen trinity fight back, but Wonder Girl finds herself abducted by Diesel and taken deep into the ruins of the old dig site. While in pursuit of Wonder Girl, Superboy takes a minute to help Red Robin calm down, who gets himself worked up in a frenzy about losing Wonder Girl.

We cut to a scene with Kid Flash and Bunker. Both are feeling bummed about being left behind by Red Robin for the current mission in Cambodia. Kid Flash reminds us they were not fit to go after taking a beating from a possessed Wonder Girl a few issues back.

We then find Solstice stepping out of the shower, only to find she is not alone... Amanda Waller's Special Agent/Mercenary Lance from last issue makes an appearance as an astral projection. He seems to try and befriend Solstice with a promise to help her return her to her human form.

Back in Cambodia, Wonder Girl tries to reason with Diesel to try and get him to give up the armor, but he yells back at her, telling her how he has embraced the armor, instead of fearing it as she did. Diesel boasts how the armor was meant for him, only to learn that Wonder Girl still has control of the Lasso. She confesses the love she has for him still, and takes the armor back off of him once again. This leaves Diesel in a withered, old and almost skeletal state. It is unclear if he survives the ordeal.

Superboy and Red Robin grow more concerned as they discover Diesel's army disappearing leaving pools of blood in their wake. They look on as Wonder Girl emerges from the depth of the ruins at full power once again. There is a brief confrontation between the three, and Wonder Girl tells Red Robin that when he reveals his identity to the group she will reveal how she regained the armor.

We then find the whole team returning to their "home" at the Lex Towers. Superboy leaves to return to his home/apartment, Solstice has yet another visit from an astral projection of Lance, who leaves abruptly (see Birds of Prey for further details). Solstice tries to talk to Red Robin about Lance, only to find him leaving for Gotham on "Family Business" (See Batman #14 for more).

One day later, Bunker tries to connect with Wonder Girl over breakfast, offering hear a friendly ear if she ever need it. He also points out that he knows that she has a crush on Red Robin.

We end with Kid Flash yelling out to the rest of the remaining team after he discovers a voodoo like doll, in the shape of Red Robin with a creepy smile painted on it... "Considering he comes from Gotham City, it can only mean one thing...! The Joker has kidnapped Red Robin!" - Wonder Girl.

4Story - 4: This is my first review so I apologize if it's a little rough and choppy.

I really liked this story, as continued from last issue. This title has been quite inconsistent at times. But I really feel the book is finally picking up. There were a lot of good character moments in this issue. I initially disliked the character of Bunker quite a bit, but he seems to be the heart of the team. He's the only one that has a good relationship with the entire team, and that's good to see.

I'm also very happy to see Solstice finally getting more fleshed out. She seems to be quite an intriguing character, and I really want to see more of her in the book. As well as her relationship with Kid Flash.

I have a deep love for the Teen Trinity of Superboy, Red Robin and Wonder Girl. These three have history pre New 52, so I was really excited to have two issues with these characters on an adventure. Still not sure how I feel about Wonder Girl's new origin, but it is what it is right now. Here's hoping that Lobdell and Nicieza can tell good stories with it.

Other than Superboy, none of the other members of the team have a solo book, so there's bound to be some inter-team relationships. As seen with Kid Flash and his fixation of Solstice, and the Red Robin/Wonder Girl awkwardness. But it seems that Wonder Girl may have some feelings for Superboy also. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

The cliffhanger left me wanting more, seems that the Joker knows Red Robin's true identity (as well as the rest of the Bat-Family if you follow their books). With Superboy missing (Superboy #14) and now Red Robin, the Titans may just come together as a "family" like we want them too. Exciting times ahead!

The reason this issue didn't get a 5 from me, was that it was still a little choppy in places. Like not having a clear enough description of exactly how Wonder Girl was able to get her armor back from Diesel. How was she still able to control the Lasso, and did it have power over the actual armor? Also when Cassie had the armor taken from her, why was it she didn't show the same signs of "separation anxiety" as Diesel did? And did Diesel die?

4Art - 4: I'm an "art guy," so to me the art needs to be just as good as the writing. I really like Ale Garza's art on this book. He brings a real Manga/Anime feel to it, which I feel really works on this title.

Seeing Superboy in the jeans and T-shirt was a real bonus. As I really hate the Tron Suit he's been sporting since the New 52 started. Should be interesting when he gets Superman's armor. Excited to see what Ale Garza does with that.

Each character in the book has a unique feel to them, something that Brett Booth had trouble with I feel. Solstice certainly looks more like a teen now so much better than she had in previous issues.

I like the use of modern fashion Garza uses for the Titans when not in costume. This is a common nitpick I have with a lot of other artists who just use a generic look for civilian identities.

Andrew Dalhouse does a great job with the colors as usual. Colorists are sometimes the unsung heroes of any creative team on a comic book. It's no small order to color a whole book, so I want to give credit where it's due.

Just the same as the story, the art gets a 4 instead of a 5 because it seems Ale Garza rushed a lot of the art in this issue. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

5Cover Art - 5: The cover to this issue is really dynamic. It has a very Jim Lee feel to it. Brett Booth is really good at doing covers. And like I said, I really like the Teen Trinity, they really evoke Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on this cover. Love it!

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