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Teen Titans #24

Teen Titans #24

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 23, 2013

Cover date: December 2013

"Caught Up in Circles"

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Penciller: Angel Unzueta
Inker: Art Thibert
Colors: Pete Pantazis

Reviewed by: Keith Samra

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[Before we start, it may pay to go read Forever Evil #2. As events from this book come after what occurs there. Also be sure to check out Michael Bailey's awesome review of that issue.]

We start sometime in the past, with a young Miguel praying in a church, about events that occurred that lead his boyfriend to fall into a coma, because of his actions. He asks for a sign, and we find Robin come through a portal from the time stream. He explains to Bunker where he should go next. Robin gives Bunker specific instructions - Which lead him to our first encounter with Bunker in issue #1. Robin is then pulled back into the time stream, and Bunker takes this event as a sign from God, on what he should do.

We then find ourselves in ancient Egypt, where a cloaked Robin awaits the arrival of two of his team mates. In a similar fashion to that which happened at the church earlier, Superboy and Wonder Girl appear from the time stream. Robin greets them and tells them to fight off the army that is approaching quickly toward them... Just as he gets pulled back into the time stream yet again.

Wonder Girl and Superboy engage the army, and the two young heroes banter back and forth about their lives as members of the Teen Titans.

We then find ourselves in the far future, on a ship traveling through space, Solstice and Kid Flash fall from the time stream. Kid Flash realizes where he is, tells Solstice to stay put and takes off. He then meets up with a younger version of himself, and pleads for him to stop the plan he has set in motion, which will kill everyone on the ship. We learn that Bart is planning to commit such an act to stop the oppressive soldiers aboard the ship from wiping out the outer colonies, under the rule of an oppressive government.

Solstice manages to catch up to Kid Flash, only to find both of them getting pulled back into the time stream. Kid Flash pleads with his younger self not to go through with his plan, and just like that the two young heroes vanish, leaving a young Bart bewildered.

Finally we find ourselves at a time where Etrigan calls home. He battles Raven, in an attempt to destroy the daughter of Trigon. As they battle, Wonder Girl appears out of nowhere, and puts Etrigan down.

Wonder Girl then goes on to explain that Robin has a theory of how to stop the Titans from jumping through the time stream as they have been. She explains, that because Raven was born in Limbo, that she has the best chance to help the team stabilize in their own time. The way that they can do this is, if they offer themselves to her freely, so they become tethered to her and become as her own.

We end with Raven attempting to communicate with her father. Saying that what he wanted her to accomplish through manipulation, she has managed to do by the Titans freely giving themselves to her. She pleads for Trigon to let her come home again.

5Story - 5: This issue, though a little confusing in some places, was absolutely fantastic. Lobdell has done a wonderful job of using the summer crossover event, which started with the "Trinity War" and has now spun off into "Forever Evil", into furthering his own story. Also giving us glimpses in the pasts of some members of the team.

The call back to issue #1 with Bunker was one of those "that was awesome" moments. Bunker met Red Robin before he actually meets him in issue #1. This explains his nature and enthusiasm for being part of the Teen Titans. Also the opening scene with him in the church, praying to God was a great and touching moment. I felt the sincerity in Miguel/Bunker's voice. A very superb bit of writing on Lobdell's behalf.

The team bouncing from time to time, may have been done in other stories in the past, but Lobdell kept it fresh and engaging.

The biggest plot point this issue was learning a little more of Bart's origin. We know from recent issues that Bart had committed some crime in the future, one that he came back in time to get away from. Here we learn that he has committed mass murder, by killing everyone on a ship (believed to be a form of government soldiers) who were on their way to wipe out and decimate some outer colonies. Though he had noble intentions, I don't agree with heroes, especially young heroes becoming killers. It's also revealed that there may be another woman in Bart's life, aside from Kiran/Solstice. Kid Flash mentions to Bart the name Shira... Who could she be? An old love? Sister? Mother? Only time will tell.

We don't see much of Wonder Girl and Superboy, which is a shame, because we don't have much time left with Connor, and I was hoping that he would go out with a bang in this book.

Robin of course is the one that figures how to stop the time jumping... He is a "Bat-Kid" after all.

Finally Raven's end goal has been handed to her on a silver platter... And all she wants is to go home. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

5Art - 5: I can't praise the art in this issue enough! I loved it. Things have been dicey in recent months, with Eddy Barrows. Not sure if he is still meant to be the regular artist on the book, or if editorial is trying to find another artist. But I loved this issue.

Angel Unzueta is a really good artist. And I would be happy to have this calibre of art every month on this book!

My favorite scene is the 2 page spread of ancient Egypt, with the army's standing at the ready, attentively listening to their Queen address them.

The space ship in the future, in which we find Kid Flash and Solstice is also a spectacular rendition. Along with the different time periods in which we find the Titans fighting and training of sorts.

All this wouldn't be complete without the awesome colors by Pete Pantazis. I have said it in the past, but this guy is one of the best colorists in the business today! Great job sir!

5Cover Art - 5: This Month's cover was done by Eddie Barrows, Eber Ferreira and Pete Pantazis.

The composition for this cover is great! The shattered dimension look is a great fit for the nature of this issue. The colors look great and raven looks truly evil! Love it!

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