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Trinity #22 [Final Issue]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 25, 2018

Cover date: June 2018

"The Search for Steve Trevor" - Conclusion

Writer: James Robinson
Artists: Patch Zircher
Cover: Guillem March and Tomeu Morey
Variant Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel
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Just as Travis Morgan once found his way to Skartaris so too did Blue Strike Security and an arms deal was struck with Deimos. Modern weaponry for conquering Shamballah traded for magical weapons to conquer ours.

That was what led to the here and now. Superman and Batman fighting the magic of Deimos and Diana desperately trying to break the spell that has turned Steve Trevor into a raging hulk. Batman hatches a plan and Superman runs with the idea until Deimos realizes too late that the heroes have tricked him. Diana is able to wake Steve's mind and the tide is suddenly turning in their favor.

Deimos is persistent and after probing the team's psych he comes up with a spell that would mirror their abilities back at them. Superman is no longer a Man of Steel, Batman a great detective and Wonder Woman a symbol of Truth, but this magical master stroke proves the wizard's undoing as his own spell is cast upon him with the help of Diana's lasso.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Steve Trevor are quickly reverted to their normal selves and Travis Morgan takes the villainous mage into custody. All that remains is for Steve Trevor to complete his mission and take down Blue Strike forever - with the back up of Earth's mightiest heroes!


3Story - 3: I'm disappointed... this is the finale... the end and this story kept building and raised my expectations.

Perhaps I expected too much. Robinson is a master storyteller and up until this final chapter the build up has been fantastic. The psychological elements to the story made it a brilliant read, adding Warlord and Deimos was an added genuine thrill. For such a rushed end I feel like Robinson didn't get to end the story at the pace he wanted for the reader.

4Art - 4: Like the story, the art suffers from a pacing issue. The stunning figural art and splash pages are dispensed with in favor of faster sequences. That's no bad thing, after all the finale was finite. I wish we had more time, more pages because I feel Robinson and Zircher had more stories to tell.

3Cover Art - 3: A great action pose but while the majority of time is spent on making Batman and Wonder Woman look ready for action, Superman's head and neck look off and too small for his body. As a final cover I'm not really happy with it as Clark looks like an afterthought.

5Variant Cover Art - 5: This is a great cover, I was right about the thematics in play by Sienkiewicz with each cover embodying elements of each of the trinity.

Superman looks great, pensive, strong and the addition of the eagles give a sense of majesty to Clark. This. Is. Superman.

A high note to end the book on.

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