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Supergirl #19

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 14, 2018

Cover date: May 2018

"One Life"

Writer: Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala
Penciller: Jamal Campbell
Inker: Jamal Campbell
Cover: Jorge Jiminez
Variant Cover: Stanley Lau

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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As Cameron Chase tries to stop Director Bones and Mokkari's plans from coming into fruition, Lee Serrano, a school student trying to discover their gender identity, meets with Ben Rubel to talk about Supergirl. The Girl of Steel rescued Lee from the Cyborg Kryptonian invaders and later became a friend to Lee. Lee is encouraged by Kara Zor-El to discuss the discomfort with, as Lee puts it, "Girl Stuff," with Lee's parents. Lee does so, and confronts bullies at school who have their own personal troubles at home. Supergirl wants to help Lee, but the Last Daughter of Krypton's new pal tells her to stay back. Lee is able to stand up to her aggressors thanks to courage given to her by her talks with Supergirl. Ben Rubel listens to Lee's recounting of these events all while wondering what he can do via CatCo. Some night later Supergirl arrives at Ben's door wondering how he wants to help her.

Be here next month to see what Ben and Kara will do while Mokkari plots deviousness for himself and/or Darkseid.

5Story - 5: We shift gears a bit with a character driven piece that is ripped from the news headlines. Some social issues can be handled well, while others can turn into ham-fisted disasters. Some John Byrne stories fall into the latter category, while this goes into the former. Sure, I wanted to know what Mokkari did to Veritas, but I'm willing to wait. This bit of personal insight on the stars of this issue made me welcome the change of pace. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

5Art - 5: The art style is different from other issues, but it works perfectly with this type of story. More art like this will complement this book in a big way.

5Cover Art - 5: It's a beautiful cover that impacts what goes on in the comic in ways words cannot describe. 'Nuff Said.

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