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Justice League #40

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 7, 2018

Cover date: May 2018

"Justice Lost" - Part 2

Writer: Christopher Priest
Penciller: Pete Woods
Inker: Pete Woods
Cover: David Yardin
Variant Cover: J.G. Jones

Reviewed by: Glen J. Clark
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Tensions are mounting. The riot squad has been called out as the townsfolk from "the other side of the tracks" are upset that EMT and first responders are all on the "rich" side of town. Cyborg tries to rally the two leagues to help but Superman tells him it's time to leave.

On the Watchtower the "Lawyer" is up to no good when she runs into Aquaman. She informs him that life support, communications and propulsions are all down and all escape pods have been deployed. The Watchtower is going down and with it "the other Justice League" (of America). Arthur asks her who she is and she replies "We're your fans". As she teleports away, both Justice League teams teleport in.

After a quick debriefing of the current state of the Watchtower, the two teams try to figure out a way out of their current predicament. Frost figures out that this was a trap to kill off the "B league" while the heavy hitters survive. Cyborg finally comes up with a plan that might get them all out of this mess. It will take both teams working together, as the Watchtower continues to plummet towards Earth.

4Story - 4: The most interesting thing we discover in this issue is "The Fan" is not alone. There are others, and that can only cause more trouble for our heroes. Throughout the issue it appears that Batman is watching Cyborg very closely. Maybe to see how he handles the pressure or his decisions making skills? This issue moved at a really fast pace and might be the weakest of this incredible arc so far, but it is still a solid story and worth a read. While I am looking forward to Snyder and company doing 'No Justice', I am sad to see Priest leave this title. He certainly breathed new life into a title that was going nowhere.

3Art - 3: Returning to the title after he drew the first couple issues of Priest's run. Woods returns, and after the last few issues of solid art, I personally feel this issue took a step back. In my opinion, there is a lack of definition in everything he draws. It's not the worst art, it's just not for me.

5Cover Art - 5: A throwback to classic Justice League covers from the 70s, this cover is phenomenal. The roll call down the left and right sides of the books was a great touch. As well as the two teams facing off across from one another is very reminiscent of the classic JLA vs JSA covers from the past.

5Variant Cover Art - 5: Another JG Jones masterpiece. A great representation of the overall tone of Priest's run. This cover should easily be on the front of the trade that collects this great run. I usually give my recommendation on which cover to seek out, but with this one I am torn on, both are great.

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