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Superman Giant #2

Superman 100-Page Comic Giant #2

Scheduled to arrive in Walmart stores: August 2018

Cover date: August 2018

"Endurance" - Part 2 of 2

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
Penciller: Tom Derenick
Inker: Trevor Scott
Cover: Ed McGuiness, Dexter Vines, and Dave Stewart

Reviewed by: Glen J. Clark
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While seeking out a story about why families stay in the middle of tornado alley, a super storm forms and tornadoes wreak havoc in this small middle America town. Superman frantically flies around trying to save as many people as he possibly can. After saving a school bus, an 18 wheeler, and disperse a few tornadoes, Superman learns of a couple of missing kids who went off looking for the new guy in town, reporter Clark Kent, he focuses all his attention to finding these two kids. Superman, honing his hearing hears one of the children and is able to reunite both kids with their mothers. Back at the Daily Planet, Lois reads the newly printed article and notices Superman was never mentioned. Clark replies, "Putting him in the piece would take away from the real heroes that are out there every day".

5Story - 5: Jimmy Palmiotti crafts an incredible one and done single issue. No master villian, no end of the world threat, it is just Superman caring for people. This story was a refreshing change from the current status quo, and the interaction between Clark and Lois at the end made me realize what is missing from the current story arc. While I still wish this book had more Superman in its 100 pages, the original 20 plus page story is worth seeking these two books out.

5Art - 5: The art in this book is top notch. I am not familiar with Tom Derenick's art, but he is definitely an artist I will be looking for in the future. His version of Superman is one of the best in years and reminds a lot of Brett Breeding.

1Cover Art - 1: The cover has nothing to do with the new material, rather a page from inside the Superman/Batman #2 comic book which is also in this book. For me that's just lazy and the cover should focus on the main reason most people are buying these books, the new material.

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