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Trinity #18

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 21, 2018

Cover date: April 2018

"No Home For You Here" - Part 2

Writer: James V. Robinson
Penciller: Patch Zircher
Inker: Patch Zircher
Cover: Guillem March and Tomeu Morey
Variant Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel
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Warlord reveals he is an astral projection cast by witchcraft to enlist the aid of the fabled Trinity in a battle with Deimos to save Skartaris. Unfortunately the tolls of such a projection mean he is of little to no help as Deimos' forces attack Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

With each having their skills severely hindered, they look to one another for inspiration on survival. Superman taps into Batman's determination, Wonder Woman on Superman's concentration and Batman into Wonder Woman's will. The monsters that attacked them revert to their original forms and Batman is stunned to discover elderly men, all sporting dog tags with a bird symbol.

Warlord's daughter appears in another astral projection and reveals her father is dead and that she needs their help now more than ever. Superman ponders possible trickery but Jennifer Morgan reveals to them that time doesn't follow the same rules in Skartaris and that they must hurry to rendezvous with him in person in Shamballah, their capital.

The heroes discover grazing unicorns and use them to cover ground faster but encounter wave after wave of Deimos' magical army. However the toll of time has a heavy price and even as the Trinity finally catch up to the sorceress, it may be too late for Skartaris, Diana, Clark and Bruce.

To Be Continued...

4Story - 4: A superb story given a twist with time's warped effects, but also one hampered by it. The return of Warlord turns out to be a misdirection, the battles that could have been such a fantastic exploration into a side that all three heroes rarely encounter is glanced over and the sessions with the psychologist reveal that they make it out alive which then dampens the peril. Still despite my issues with the rivers of time crashing into each other this is Skartaris, this has Warlord, Deimos and Superman riding into battle on a unicorn!

I am probably enjoying this story much more than I should and much of that is to do with nostalgia, but though this isn't as deep as the 'Last Days' story line, there are layers to it that can be missed and that is the shift in perspective between the Trinity, their respect, admiration and exploration into their very different lives.

5Art - 5: Zircher is given a tough task. The layouts he delivers are his usual eye-catching style and there is not a page I felt didn't deliver the punches I hoped for.

My nit pick is that too much of it is glossed over. The fights, the epic journey, distilled into a few short pages. I felt a little short changed, not because of Zircher's art but because there was not enough of it. If Warlord gets a solo story Zircher is surely a front runner to make it truly spectacular.

Also... this issue had unicorns, superheroes on unicorns.

I love comics.

5Cover Art - 5: I can deal with the Trinity in peril, in a cover that in all fairness is probably beyond ridiculous at first sight to many readers. I fully embrace it and its silliness, because it hasn't side stepped the bizarre and instead has celebrated it with a serious edge. Do Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman belong in a sword and sorcery epic? Perhaps not but this cover has me sold!

5Variant Cover Art - 5: Damn, they've made it a difficult choice to pick. I couldn't decide, so picked them both up.

How great does everyone look here? The Trinity look iconic, statuesque even. Sienkiewicz has captured them perfectly and they really resonate with the story line here.

Then we have the champion of the mystic world, and how fantastic does Morgan look? I can only hope there is another misdirect and I hope to see more of the character.

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