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Trinity #19

Scheduled to arrive in stores: March 14, 2018

Cover date: May 2018

"No Home For You Here" - Conclusion

Writer: James V. Robinson
Penciller: Jack Herbert
Inker: Jack Herbert
Cover: Guillem March and Tomeu Morey
Variant Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel
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Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are talking about their recent trip to Skartaris and the secrets of the island lost in time.

Their friend Steve Trevor is determined to discover what exactly transpired and the heroes look back trying to clear things up.

Jennifer casts a spell that restores Diana, Bruce and Clark to their normal ages, it cures Diana's blindness and gives Superman a temporary magical barrier so they can fight the evil of Deimos. Warlord's daughter tells them about the lands Atlantean links but still refuses to reveal the secret of the modern soldiers that died in Skartaris.

The Trinity race to save the capital and as the tide turns in the favor of good, Warlord reappears and reveals he and his daughter had crafted a ruse to trick Deimos and save the cities secrets from evil.

Having defeated the villains the Morgan's sent the Trinity back to the modern world.

As the story ends Steve Trevor is angry that the secrets of Skartaris are lost to him.

The Trinity reveal they have known all along that they were victims of deception and Superman swears to stop at nothing to put an end to this trap.

To Be Continued...

5Story - 5: This was a hard story to review, because it has two spoilers and unfortunately I had to reveal one in the synopsis (though it was a predictable one). Ultimately this story was a love letter to Warlord. This is no bad thing, in fact I make no secret that I hope this means we'l see more of the Morgan's and the magical kingdom of Skartaris. Even as the story ends there is still the mystery of the dead soldiers so there is still more to explore.

I loved the psychological angle in the story and that it has spun into something completely unexpected.

James Robinson made some brave decisions in this story line and they have all paid off with a thoroughly enjoyable story arc, not many writers could bring back Warlord and make his world part of Rebirth... so thank you!

5Art - 5: The character art looks great, the concentration was on Diana and Jennifer for many of the really strong moments but there was a really cool moment with Superman gaining a magical aura. It's a shame that there wasn't as much focus on Warlord and Deimos as I think it would have really made the book stronger but I'm not going to complain about the brilliant pencil work, because it still looked fantastic just wish there were more splash pages to showcase the epic scale!

4Cover Art - 4: A really cool cover that finally thrusts Deimos into the limelight after weeks of build up. I really like the scene and the heroes look suitably in peril.

I didn't like the color palette (it could have been reversed in my opinion) I think if it were bolder the cover would have been far more powerful.

3Variant Cover Art - 3: A striking image that showcases Diana, a great decision given the finale but as with the other image I feel the color palette doesn't do the art justice.

Would have loved to see Sienkiewicz tackle Warlord and Deimos!

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