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December 1, 2005: Bryan Singer Interview in iF Magazine

iF Magazine have published a one-on-one interview they conducted with director Bryan Singer in which he answered questions about "Superman Returns". Here are parts of the interview pertaining to Superman...

    Q: Are you still flying back and forth between here and Australia for filming on SUPERMAN?

    A: We're here [in Los Angeles]. Everything is done and we're back. I took a brief hiatus, and cut together a version of the movie. Then I went back and filled in the dots, and I'm now back.

    Q: Are you pleased with the cut of the film you created?

    A: Oh yeah! I am very pleased with the cut. I've got a nice cut of the picture. It'll be a very funny romantic type of picture, more so than I have ever made before.

    Q: Comic Con in San Diego added a lot of fan interest to the upcoming release, how did you feel about showing clips so early?

    A: If it was any other film, I don't know if I would've made the trip, but it's Comic Con and it's SUPERMAN and I love going there. I love interacting as much as possible with fans on such a short schedule. Though it wasn't really an action piece, I was really excited to show it; to just show a few images that I could gather up.

    Q: How much of the original John Williams theme will you be using in SUPERMAN RETURNS?

    A: There will be elements of the John Williams theme, and the opening title sequence should be very similar, if not specifically the John Williams theme. The movie is very involved and there are a lot of elements we haven't seen before, so it will have a great deal of original score as well, but I certainly will use the John Williams theme. It's like STAR WARS, you don't want to escape it, you want to use it and it's one of the driving elements of the experience.

    Q: Are you still using the Jor-El Marlon Brando scenes in your movie?

    A: There are elements of those scenes that I am using. There are elements of Marlon Brando, both his voice and his likeness that I am using in a certain way. Jor-El, though he is not alive, he exists in the face and voice of Marlon Brando.

Read the complete interview at the iF Magazine website.

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