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December 31, 2005: Article on Filming “Superman Returns” in Australia

The LA Times has published an in-depth article on filming "Superman Returns" in Australia, looking into the cost savings, expert crews and other benefits of filming Down Under. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    The Australian government wants filmmakers and films here and it now has a corner of the business, a busy corner," said "Superman Returns" producer Gilbert Adler, in his office on the sprawling Fox Studios Australia lot in the suburbs of Sydney.

    Outside his office are six huge soundstages, cluttered craft shops and wardrobe warehouses and administrative bungalows - all bustling with activity and set on a layout that would be familiar to anyone who has visited the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank.

    Last summer, the lot also had a stunning, five-story Daily Planet façade ("It was too big to build inside a soundstage, so we built it to straddle the exteriors of two soundstages," Dyas said); a Fortress of Solitude; an elaborate set of a luxury yacht; a mansion; and assorted stand-ins for Metropolis and other Superman environs.

    "This was the place that made the most sense for us and for the picture and it's really as simple as that," Adler said.

Read the complete article at the LA Times website.

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