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Singer and Scott Storm

May 12, 2005: Scott Storm Visits “Superman Returns” Set

Paul Osborne, the writer of the up-coming crime-thriller "Ten 'til Noon", submitted the following report to ComingSoon.net on behalf of Scott Storm who recently visited Bryan Singer on the set of "Superman Returns" recently, and posted a report on his Live Journal. Here's an excerpt from his report...

    I've been back from Australia for almost a week now, but I didn't have the time or energy to do anything other than SLEEP. Let me say to all you comicbook fans out there, SUPERMAN RETURNS will astound you. Bryan asked me to come down to Sydney and sift through the dailies and special effects pre-visualization and edit together a "Sizzle Reel" for the benefit of some very important people who were going to visit the set, and also for the heads of the studio. Since editing trailers is my day job, it all came quite naturally. But as I was putting it all together, even not having read a script, I could see what an incredible picture he was making. I found myself getting swept up in even the smallest of moments I was looking at, and some of them did not even have real actors! When a computer image brings a tear to my eye, I cannot help but be amazed. It was an honor to be a part of it all.

Read Scott's complete report at his "Ten 'til Soup" Live Journal.

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