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January 6, 2005: Casting News for George Reeves Biopic

IGN FilmForce has learned the latest on Truth, Justice & the American Way, Focus Features' planned biopic of the late Superman star George Reeves. The indie flick is slated to roll cameras this April under the direction of Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Paul Bernbaum. Pre-production commences in January.

Oscar-winner Adrien Brody will star as Lamar Moglio, the fictionalized detective hired by Reeves' mother to investigate her son's curious suicide. Moglio is the other lead role besides George Reeves.

IGNFF was informed that the role of Reeves' married love interest Toni Mannix has been offered to "an A-list actress." Coulter and the unnamed starlet are set to meet after the holidays. Also, Harvey Keitel is in the running to portray Eddie Mannix, the allegedly corrupt MGM studio boss married to Toni.

The script suggests Mannix and his fixer Howard Strickling may have either covered-up Reeves' death or played a direct role in causing in it. (In all fairness, the script also offers plenty of reasons for why Reeves may have killed himself.)

IGNFF's tipster advised them that, should the A-list actress sign on to Truth, Focus Features will try to cast an unknown as Reeves rather than a name actor. With stars rounding out the rest of the cast, it might then be easier (and less expensive) to cast the pivotal role of Reeves.

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