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Kate and Brandon

June 17, 2005: Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth on Cover of EW Magazine

Entertainment Weekly magazine (double issue 826-827) features Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth on the cover, with an indepth article on the inside. Here's an excerpt from the EW.com website...

    Singer and Routh met for the first time at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. the morning the director left for Australia to begin preproduction. "I knew I would know within 30 seconds if it was a no-go," says Singer, who found the tall, athletically built Routh sitting at a table. "He stood up - and up, and up, and up. I said, 'Okay..."' Drinks were ordered. An awkward moment fumbling for napkins suggested Routh could do goofy-bumbly Clark Kent comedy. Though it would take months to make Routh official, Singer left for Sydney knowing "I had my Superman. And I think he knew it too."

Check out BrandonRouth.com for the cover image.

UPDATE: EW have pulled out a portion of the above article and placed it on their website under the title: "Super 5".

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