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July 3, 2005: “Superman Returns” Filming at the 12 Apostles

Some filming for "Superman Returns" took place this past week at the famous Australian iconic rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles. Here's part of the report from the Geelong Info website...

    The Great Ocean Road's internationally iconic rocks will feature in the latest Superman movie when it hits the screens on June 30 next year.

    Locations around the world will be green with envy when the famous landmark star alongside the world's famous Man of Steel superhero.

    As for what part they would play or how big a role they would get, fans will have to wait a year to find out, with the production giant keeping mum about the details.

    According to a publicity spokesman for Fox Studios, Joe Everett: "They might not look exactly like the rocks in the movie".

    Mr Everett said he could only say the 12 Apostles were this week being filmed for the Superman Returns movie.

    "I can't tell you how they will be used. All the plot line stuff we're not allowed to speak of."

    About 20 "visual effects unit" crew spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday shooting the 12 Apostles from a helicopter.

    Superman himself - played by newcomer Brandon Routh - will not make an appearance on the Great Ocean Road.

    No actors are part of the filming.

Rumors that the famous rock formations will be turned into Kryptonite are unfounded.

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