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June 8, 2005: Brett Ratner Makes Insensitive Superman Remarks

Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner have swapped places...

Brett Ratner was at one stage going to direct the new Superman movie, and Bryan Singer was supposed to take on the 3rd "X-Men" movie after doing the first two. When previous directors (such as McG and Ratner) left the Superman project, Singer decided to take it on. Now Brett Ratner has taken the spot vacated by Singer and has signed on to do "X-Men 3".

However, in a recent MTV interview, Brett Ratner made some insensitive remarks which haven't gone down well with Superman fans...

    Ratner does realize that his résumé, which includes Chris Tucker vehicles and clunkers like "After the Sunset" and "The Family Man," doesn't exactly endear him to geeks looking for a Sam Raimi-like genre veteran harboring a unique vision. He also acknowledges that comic-movie heroes including Superman and Batman both went horribly wrong after new directors took over the franchise for the third installment.

    "I'm not Joel Schumacher," he said of the fan-despised director behind "Batman Forever" and the even more poorly received "Batman & Robin," "and I'm not ... um ... who did the third Superman?"

    That would be Richard Lester. "I'm Brett," Ratner said, "and all I know is what I know, what I can do and what I have to work with."

    As far as the growing myth that the third film always kills a superhero franchise, Ratner responded: "Well, there's also the fact that all the Supermans die a tragic death," he said, referring to the sad fates befallen by the likes of Christopher Reeve and George Reeves. "Do you think the new guy [Brandon Routh] is going to die also?"

While Ratner is obviously trying to make a point that history doesn't always repeat itself, I think his choice of comparisons was in bad taste.

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