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December 7, 2005: More Superman Celebrities React to “Superman Returns” Teaser Trailer

More Superman celebrities have contacted the Superman Homepage with their thoughts on the teaser trailer for "Superman Returns".

Sarah Douglas (Ursa in "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II"):
"WOW!! That music really brought back a flood of memories!!! The little I saw seemed a little dark in spirit whereas my memory of the screening of "Superman: The Movie" seemed more up beat but then it was only a tiny bit of footage. I do think the effects looked amazing... the speeding bullet effect etc!!!"

Bob Holiday (Starred as Superman in the 1966 Broadway Musical):
"I was stunned by the trailer. I felt a moment that I have never felt before. It was transaction."

Matt Idelson (soon-to-be Superman comics editor):
"I was fortunate enough to see the trailer for the first time in the theatre, and man, did I get psyched! I think it was equal parts excitement (for how great it looks) and chills (as I was instantly brought back to when I was a wee lad and saw the original film for the first time). I think, just based on the trailer alone, this movie is going to be fantastic."

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