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November 21, 2005: Superman Celebrities on “Superman Returns” Teaser Trailer

The Superman Homepage has contacted an array of people involved in the world of Superman and asked them what they thought of the "Superman Returns" Teaser Trailer. Here are some of the comments we've received so far...

Jeph Loeb (comic book writer):
"I'm excited. Personally, you run the John Williams score over a toilet flushing and I'd smile -- but this looks like what a Superman movie should have -- pathos, humor, great flying (and I'm sure we're seeing the least of it) and Marlon Brando to boot. Summer 2006 can't get hear soon enough."

Greg Rucka (comic book writer):
"I think it's effin' brilliant; there's a justifiable sense of awe, a touching sense of nostalgia, and a beautifully understated sense of power. Add in John Wililams and Brando, and it's a guaranteed button-pusher. I have great hopes for this movie!"

Al Gough (co-creator of "Smallville"):
"I thought it was fantastic: the music, Brando, the shot of Superman above the world. It did exactly what a teaser trailer should do -- left me wanting more."

We hope to have more comments from others in the coming days.

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