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April 27, 2005: Kevin Spacey in Australia for “Superman Returns”

AintItCoolNews has posted a report from a fan who lives in a suburb of Sydney where a house is being used for a scene in "Superman Returns" that appears to involve both Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) and Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey). Here's part of the report...

    I live in the suburb of Longueville in Sydney, and on my way home last night I noticed an unusual number of trucks lining the street. There have been a few TV ads & soapies shot in the area recently, so I assumed it was just another - that was until I walked past the park at the end of the street and saw trailers, buses and a massive catering tent with about 300 seats. Even more interesting were the "Lois Lane costume" and "Lex Luthor" signs posted on the trailers. So either this was an elaborate joke or Superman really was shooting in the street.

    Turns out this morning on my to work I just *had* to walk past. Thankfully they hadn't shut the street or the sidewalk down (like they did when shooting in the city 2 weeks ago), so I wandered by and started chatting with an AD having a smoke. They're shooting in an old federation house that's at least 100 years old, and the AD first confirmed that it was Superman Returns and then explained that 2 rooms in the house suit a pivotal scene in the movie. "What scene?" I asked. "I can't say" she replied, but given that the Lois Lane & Lex Luthor wardrobes were hanging just inside the gate, it became clear who was there. "Where's Kevin Spacey?" I asked. "I can't say" she said again. "What about Bryan Singer?". "I can't say" she said again which kind of jinxed her because then who should walk out of the house - Bryan Singer. The AD looks back at me and says jokingly "He's the star of the show".

Read the full report at the AICN website.

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