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March 1, 2005: John Ottman Talks Music for “Superman Returns”

Superman-V.com have interviewed music composer John Ottman about his up-coming work on "Superman Returns". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: It's been reported that this movie will use the John Williams Superman theme. Will any of his other cues be integrated into the film?

    A: Where do these rumors come from?! Well, the intent right now is to use at least a version of the main theme or make a very respectable nod to it. But it's so early in the game. Films tend to evolve in ways one would never expect. Months from now when we're actually thinking about scoring the film, who knows what we'll do? Will the original theme date a new film, or will the film feel horribly empty without it? I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. I can say that whatever is best for SUPERMAN RETURNS and its legacy will be done. There's no ego here, especially in the shadow of The Master! As far as other themes, there perhaps could be a variation of Lois Lane's theme. We're just not sure yet. The film is not a sequel or a prequel. It is a new film. So the bulk of the score will also be a new score with new themes, but in the style one would expect in SUPERMAN. Part of what hurt the last couple SUPERMAN movies - and they were sequels - was that the Williams music was just regurgitated, with very little new music to let the saga evolve.

Read the entire interview over at Superman-V.com.

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