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April 13, 2005: Superman Scene Revealed

Spoiler Warning: The following news report reveals some information regarding a scene in "Superman Returns".

Sydney Radio Station 2UE had an on-air call during the "Stan Zemanek show" on Wednesday night from a man who spoke about his in shooting a scene from "Superman Returns".

He claimed to be involved in shooting scenes at Fox Studios involving technicians in a NASA or NASA type master control room. The control room relates to a scene where a spaceship is being sent into orbit. He was about to divulge more information but was told not to proceed by the radio show host Stan Zemanek because he could be in danger of being sued.

This sounds like it could be related to the scenes Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson was to make a cameo appearance in.

"Brian invited me to appear in the Superman film and he's using a Virgin Galactic airship in the film," Sir Richard told Channel 9's Today Show in a recent interview.

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