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April 27, 2005: Mike Verta on “Superman Returns” Logo Design

Mike Verta explains how he created the new "S" shield for "Superman Returns"...

    The shield was modeled in Rhino from reference photos of the new costume, and is comprised entirely of NURBS patches and surfaces, all G2 for nice reflections.

    The logo was rendered in mental ray for Maya in a variety of styles, primarily chrome-based, but I did some plastic ones, too, by request.

    When I look at the logo, I think, "Where are the brushed aluminum lines!? Caustics?" But a clean surface was requested. Who knows... still time to change his mind ;)

    Certain versions of the shield did employ Global illumination and Final Gathering effects to interact with the backplate, but for the most part, it's standard 3-point lighting: A hard key and two very soft fills, and a ton of reflections.

Visit the CGTalk.com website to see some screen captures of Mike's work on this project.

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