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August 29, 2005: Two Lois Lanes at Canadian National Comic Book Expo

Margot Kidder starred as Lois Lane in four Superman movies alongside Christopher Reeve. Erica Durance currently stars as Lois Lane in the TV series "Smallville", in which Margot also appeared as a character known as Bridgette Crosby.

The two actresses appeared at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo over the weekend, and Comics Continuum has published a transcript of the interview. Here's an excerpt...

    Q: With the remake of Superman, did you try for any of the roles? And if not, what else do you have going?

    Durance: Basically, the idea with the feature film -- and, again I'm not privvy to all the upper echelon and the decisions they make -- I think they wanted to try to keep the projects separate, so they could keep them both going, which is actually very smart financially. They've got two different things going.
    So I don't think they ever really considered anyone from Smallville. They wanted to keep a whole new cast.
    Right now, I'm focusing on doing the best that I can. Getting a part where you play something like this is a huge thing, and, again, following women who have done it before and I was very nervous about it. So I still really am focusing on that and getting my feet wet. If something happens later on, that's fine, but we're shooting right now and that's what I'm focused on.

    Q: Can you tell us about the upcoming season of Smallville?

    Kidder: Don't say anything that will get you fired. (laughs)

    Durance: Basically, they've graduated from last year. I know that the different characters are experiencing a lot of those things you do experience when you get out of high school, relationships and different things like that.
    Again, I'm not privvy to all the things that happen. Usually, I get a script a couple of days before it starts and then you just memorize and hope that you can hit your mark and say your lines properly.
    But I think there are some exciting things in the future. And I do think they want to have them grow up a little bit and have some more exciting things happen.

Read the entire Part 1 of their 2 part transcription at the Comics Continuum.

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