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October 31, 2005: WB and Legendary Pictures Go Half-Half in “Superman Returns” Costs

Variety reports that Legendary Pictures, a newly formed company, is paying for at least 50% of the production budget for "Superman Returns", having already teamed with the WB in the same manner for "Batman Begins". Here's an excerpt from the report...

    By partnering on a big-ticket item like "Superman" and spreading the risk around, Warner Bros. Pictures can display fiscal responsibility. The high-profile film, directed by Bryan Singer, is still under way shooting in Australia for another few weeks, having begun lensing in the spring.

    Sources on the production suggest that the film's budget is already north of the $208 million being spent on Universal's "King Kong," although insiders say the price tag is actually around $175-180 million, factoring in the substantial tax incentives offered in Australia.

Read the complete report at the Variety website.

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