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December 14, 2005: Steve Younis Interviewed on QLD Radio

I was contacted for a phone interview today (at the early time of 6.15am) to talk with Tricia Duffield on ABC Brisbane Radio here in Australia. The topic? Well it was such a silly story, and untrue, hence my not reporting it here, but a British news report was claiming that movie bosses were concerned about Superman's "bulge" being too big for "Superman Returns".

I can tell you that I've spoken with the costume designers, and while the bulge was something discussed, a practical solution involving a codpiece and special padding was put into place, negating the issue. So any reports of costly digital manipulation are completely untrue.

Thankfully the interview didn't solely focus on this nonsense, but turned to the costume as a whole, my involvement with this website, and witnessing filming in the streets of Sydney.

Click here if you'd like to listen to the interview (1.5mb MP3 file).

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