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December 22, 2005: Bryan Singer Interview in Film Review Magazine

Another new image of Brandon Routh as Superman appears on the cover of issue #666 of Film Review magazine. This edition of the magazine an exclusive interview with Bryan Singer where he discusses the casting process, meeting with Richard Donner and his thoughts on the Superman legend. They've also got extracts from the interview that weren't used in the magazine on their website where Singer discusses the suit and the new look for Metropolis. Here's a part of that online interview...

    Singer has altered Superman/Clark Kent's home of Metropolis though. "Richard Donner based Metropolis exactly on New York City," he explains. "I wanted to play around with the look of the city and not be bound by having to conform to what the real New York looks like. The look of Metropolis is a cross between the New York of 1938 and the New York that exists today." According to Singer though, filming in and around Sydney didn't contribute to Metropolis getting a facelift. "I don't think fans will be able to tell that we shot the film in Australia," says the director. "There's so many things that we're able to do on this film, visually, that Richard Donner wasn't able to do in Superman, because of the limits of technology. Which makes it all the more amazing what Richard was able to accomplish with that film."

Read more at the VisiMag website, and be sure to get the February edition of Film Review magazine due out on December 30th.

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