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October 17, 2005: “Superman Returns” Re-Shoot Details

DarkHorizons.com has published a comment from someone who claims to work on "Superman Returns" stating:
    "The main reason for the hiatus in shooting: Rewrites due to recent films with similar action scenes. Same situation as Fantastic Four, basically. They're also doing a bank robbery sequence that wasn't completed and some elaborate flying sequences. No-one is in a panic or anything, but this definitely the biggest thing done in Sydney so far".

I can tell you that the "Bank Robbery" and "Flying Sequences" parts of this statement are indeed correct, however the claim that some re-writes were needed because of similarities with other recent films is false.

The Superman Homepage has learned that there was minor re-writing done to another sequence, but mostly to cut down on running time and not due to any similarity to other films.

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