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Crashed Spaceship

April 5, 2005: Bryan Singer Confirms Spaceship Rumor

Warning: This news report contains some spoiler information about "Superman Returns".

Australia's Channel 7 TV breakfast show "Sunrise" aired a world exclusive on-set interview with Bryan Singer this morning.

The young Channel 7 reporter managed to gain access to the Smallville set up in Breeza (near Tamworth) and spoke to Bryan Singer, who took him on a short tour of the set.

Most of what was shown has already been seen by Superman fans thanks to Bryan Singer's own Video Diaries at BlueTights.net.

However, when asked about the crashed spaceship, Bryan Singer confirmed that it is NOT his childhood spacecraft, but rather his adult spacecraft... the space vehicle he returns in after being away in a self-enforced exile from earth.

View the small video file of this report (8mb).

UPDATE: Australian fans should watch Channel 7 news (on Wednesday April 6th) at 6pm as they plan to have a segment on "Superman Returns".

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