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November 24, 2005: Superman Leaves Sydney

The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney has published an article which includes an interview with Bryan Singer as he leaves Sydney and returns to America to continue post-production on "Superman Returns".

    SUPERMAN has flown out of Sydney, but the first images from the movie have surfaced.

    Director Bryan Singer and his cast, including Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth, wrapped principal photography on the 2006 blockbuster last week.

    In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, Singer admitted he owed much to Sydney.

    "There's obviously more Australians making this movie than Americans so they should definitely have a tremendous ownership of this movie," he said.

    Superman Returns, the modern renewal of the much-loved film series, employed 10,000 people including up to 800 on any one day during its eight-month shoot here.

    "We've had about 60 sets operating on nine stages continually and we built three water tanks," Singer said.

    The Sydney crew, many who also worked on the upcoming King Kong and the Matrix and Star Wars films, were certainly up to the task, the X-Men director added.

    "This film is a very big challenge visually, not only in terms of the effects but also the ambitious look of the film," he said.

    "We're shooting with a new technology [Genesis digital cameras] so to have the entire crew rise to that in a very quick amount of time has been impressive."

    Superman Returns -- which also filmed in Tamworth and is currently filming stunt scenes in Newcastle -- is the most expensive movie made in Australia, although Singer has denied reports it would cost more than $US250 million ($A340 million).

    The film stars Routh as Superman, Bosworth as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.

    Despite hundreds of Australian crew, while a lot of local actors had been cast they were not in speaking roles, Singer said.

    Superman Returns opens here (in Australia) on June 29.

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