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James Marsden

June 30, 2005: James Marsden talks “Superman Returns” on CineNews

James Marsden, who will be playing Richard White in "Superman Returns", was interviewed on CineNews on the Encore movie channel in the U.S. recently, and had this to say...

    Director Bryan Singer who turned the "X-Men" into a critical and commercial success, is currently hard at work at the new incarnation of perhaps the biggest super-hero of them all. The project, a fresh take on the man of steel, "Superman Returns", re-unites Singer with old "X-Men" alumnis James Marsden who plays Clark Kent's foil Richard White:

    "We've been shooting about three months and we got about three more months to shoot," said Marsden, "And it's interesting because Bryan, the way he operates, he's very loyal and he likes to surround himself with people he's comfortable with, and that he believes in, and I'm very honored to be associated with that group, but in many regards it feels like we're working on an "X-Men" film, because not only is it a lot of the same people, but it's a comic book film, and big budget special effects, and green screens, and things like that yet--you go on set, and you go 'Ah, he's in a cape with an S on his chest, and it's different'," Marsden laughs, "Bryan is conditioned to be a really talented and genius director, and he's a fan, so he just wants to do it right, and, um, I think everybody will enjoy his take on the film, and uh, he wouldnt have done it if he didn't think he could add something to the universe."

Thanks to Felix (Terminal) Vasquez for transcribing this interview.

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