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August 10, 2005: Superman Returns to the Streets of Sydney

Last night here in Sydney, Brandon Routh hit the streets in full Superman costume for what, I was told, was the last public location shoot for "Superman Returns".

From 8.30pm til 1.15am my sister Carol and I braved the blustery winter night to catch a glimpse of Brandon as Superman.

Security was tighter than ever. Huge blockades were placed around the set to limit public viewing. Small cracks of space between these blockades gave us limited view of what was going on behind them. Security personnel blocked digital cameras with hands, umbrellas, and threats. A Channel 7 TV camera had a bright torch shone into its lens.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of Brandon, but I have no doubt that someone somewhere would have managed to get off a photo, which will appear online sooner or later.


So, what did we see? One half of Martin Place was being used for filming, while most of the other half (across Pitt Street) was being used for equipment and catering. A green mustang was located directly in front of the Martin Place fountain and was attached to a large crane.

The crane lifts the car around 6 feet off the ground. Sitting within the car is Parker Posey (who plays Kitty Koslowski). Brandon (as Superman) positioned himself underneath the car, holding it above his head. "Action" is yelled out over the microphone by Bryan Singer, and in an iconic moment that many Superman fans will appreciate, Superman slams the front end of the car downwards. He then lowers the back end of the car, walks alongside the car, opens the driver door, and offers his hand to Kitty. While this is happening, in the background hundreds of extras mill around watching Superman in action. "Cut!" calls out Bryan Singer. They do this scene over and over again.

Brandon looked magnificent! The costume looked awesome!

I met quite a few other Superman fans down there, and we all hung out chatting and walking around, trying to keep warm.

Before breaking for "lunch" just after midnight, we witnessed Bryan Singer and John Ottman (editor/composer) being filmed for what appeared to be another Video Diary blog.

I did discover that there should be a new Video Diary released online soon. It'll likely be about the visit to the San Diego Comic Con. And while I was told that they'd never actually put the complete SDCC footage online, the SDCC Video Diary blog would contain some of the best parts of that footage. So stay tuned!

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