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March 16, 2005: Rumors on “Superman Returns” Synopsis

Latino Review have posted what they believe is a brief synopsis for the story behind "Superman Returns". The fact that this comes from an anonymous source should alert you to take this as nothing more than a rumor. Having said that, it may contain spoiler information, so read on at your own disgression...

    While Superman has been gone on a 6 year round trip to Krypton to see if he is indeed the last son of that doomed planet, Lois Lane has moved on with her life. Lois Lane now has a five-year-old son and the father is no other than Richard White, played by James Marsden. When Superman returns Lois and Richard are engaged to be married.

    Also there will be at least two suits used in the film. The original classic costume and the other one will be (his space suit) for his journey back to Krypton that will have a strong resemblance to this image (on your right). Lastly I saw that you've posted the set pictures from Reuters. That crash scene in the Kent farm is when Superman crashes back home from his Krypton journey.

My thoughts on this rumor:
  • Bryan Singer himself told me in the interview I conducted with him at the Tropfest Film Festival that the basis for his movie is that Superman has been missing for 4 and a half to 5 years, not the "6 year round trip" indicated in this rumor.

  • Lois having a child with someone else would be a major kick in the teeth to the mythos. Besides, I have HUGE doubts that she would simply get over Superman so quickly and have a child with someone else within 3 months of Superman leaving.

  • Not sure on the 2nd part of this rumor... Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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