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Brandon lands in Tamworth

March 15, 2005: Brandon Routh Lands in Tamworth

Journalist Matt Adams of the Norther Daily Leader newspaper in Tamworth wrote the following article about Brandon Routh and Eva Marie Saint's arrival at the Kent Farm filming location in Breeza (near Tamworth)...

A TASTE of Hollywood came to Tamworth yesterday when the principal actors in the new Superman blockbuster touched down at the city's airport ahead of filming at the Breeza-based set today.

Little-known American actor Brandon Routh, who will play the Man of Steel in the Bryan Singer directed film, chose an F28 Skywest plane to get here rather than use his super powers.

The 25-year-old opted for casual clothes rather than the lycra tights he'll be used to wearing during filming on the set of the Kent family farm.

Joining him on the flight were 80-year-old Oscar-winning actress Eva Marie Saint, who will play Superman's earth mother Martha Kent and producer Chris Lee.

Routh was quickly ushered to a waiting 4WD by minders before being taken to a local motel where he will get some rest before donning the famous suit.

Superman Returns producer Chris Lee said the cast and crew were all looking forward to filming in the area.

"We're here to film for a couple of weeks," Chris said.

"Everyone involved in the film is very excited about filming in this area."

Some filming has already started at the Kent farm set with cameras suspended by cables connected to cranes seen hovering above the farmhouse, silos, corn fields and barn.

All filming in the area will be conducted at two sites on the Breeza property, focusing around the Kent farm and the craft crash site, located away from the farm.

A local gas company has been asked to supply 110 45kg gas cylinders for use in the opening scenes.

It understood pyrotechnics will be used simulate the space craft, carrying Superman as a baby, crashing to earth.

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