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John Ottman and John Williams

August 17, 2005: John Ottman Interview from Popcorn Taxi Event

Popcorn Taxi is a regular film event which fills a gap in the local community where filmmakers and enthusiasts can meet, watch films of all types, and discuss the filmmaking process. What makes Popcorn Taxi unique is the focus on the filmmakers' craft and careers, rather than tabloid-like gossip. The moderator/interviewers (often filmmakers themselves), aim in most sessions to explore why the filmmakers made the choices they did, and how they brought their visions to the screen. The guests are usually Producers, Directors, Editors, Cinematographers, Visual Effects Supervisors, Designers, Composers and Actors.

Last night in Sydney Popcorn Taxi hosted Editor/Composer John Ottman, who spoke for hours about his carreer, his previous films (mainly The Usual Suspects, X-Men 1 & 2, Gothica, Hide and Seek, Apt Pupil, and a few of his smaller films), and of course - Superman Returns.

Superman fan Braden attended the event, and submitted this report with a snap interview he managed to catch with John Ottman during the evening. SPOILER WARNING: There are some specific plot details in some of John's answers...

    John Ottman spoke in depth about his work on his films, told us some ammusing annecdotes from his times on them, and his working relationship with Bryan Singer.

    Whilst in intermission, he was mingling with the audience in the foyer, where I managed to say hello and catch a quick interview with him.

Q: What is it like working on Superman Returns. The experiance of working on a film which is a link to the Richard Donner films?

A: Well it's a little daunting I guess, and when I heard about the movie my first question was 'Why?' Because the original is such a great movie, on all levels. Like I'm not a 'Superhero-Movie-Guy', but this is one of my all time favorite movies period, because it's such a great film. So I was like "Why are we doing this film?"

Q: Is it clear to you now?

A: Why are we doing it? [Jokes] So Warner Brothers can make more money and revive a franchise! [Laughs hard] No really - I think a lot of reasons are because it is one of our all time favorite movies, me & Bryan, so I think it's what we want to use in a movie, and we just love the character.

Q: What can you tell us about the "Vauge Sequal" idea?

A: I think it's really bizzare. Its like, it takes place AFTER Superman 1 and 2 happened, so part of it's sequal, but... its not. (Superman) kind of left after Superman II, he went to find Krypton for five years, so when the movie starts - He's been gone for 5 years in another part of the galaxy.

Q: The question that everybody wants to know John, apart from the main Superman fanfare, will there be any other parts of John Williams' original score used in Superman Returns?

A: I don't think so. We tried out the Lois Lane theme (Can you read my mind), and, don't get me wrong, its a GREAT theme, but the feel of that theme over this contemporary film, it's gagging, and it's awful. It just seemed stupid. So I'm hoping that we don't have to do that. Just for the moment we're actualy temping with (the score from) 'Solaris'. It works really well, and more of it's kind of modern, so the film can go with it. Its important that the film goes somewhere without trying too hard to pay homage to the past. So to answer your question, besides the fanfare, the score will be original.

Next week, Wednesday August 24th from 7.30pm, Popcorn Taxi will be hosting part 2 of their Superman Returns Filmaker Series: "A conversation with Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel".

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