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January 18, 2005: Hugh Laurie Talks Perry White and “Superman Returns”

Now Playing magazine managed to catch Hugh Laurie at a recent Fox Television Critics Association press party to promote his critically acclaimed show "House", where he was asked about his up-coming role in the new Superman movie...

    Laurie confirmed that he will play Daily Planet Editor in Chief Perry White in the film, but more than that the British-born actor couldn't reveal - even if he wanted to. Warner Bros. is keeping the story so carefully guarded that he hasn't even been allowed to read the script yet. "I have to read it in a room with an armed security guard," he says. "They're terrified. These things get on the Internet."

    Still, Laurie is looking forward to working again with Singer and speculates as to what his character might eventually sound like. "'Goddamn it, Clark. Where were you?' will be my life," he jokes. "That's all I know. You know as much as I do now."

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