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Bryan Singer at Tropfest 2005

March 7, 2005: Bryan Singer on “Sunday Morning Shootout”

Peter Bart and Peter Guber, the hosts of "Sunday Morning Shootout", interviewed Bryan Singer about "Superman Returns".

It appears that this "Sunday Morning Shootout" episode was recorded before Bryan Singer came to Australia, and before certain actors had been cast in key roles.

Bryan Singer spoke about how he'd had an idea for a Superman movie for many years, but he wasn't able to come on board until the WB executives decided to offload all the baggage that came with previous concepts for the film, and were willing to go in a different direction.

Singer gives three reasons for shooting the film in Australia... 1) Economic reasons, the exchange rate between the U.S. and Australian dollar, 2) Australia tax credits for movie making, and 3) the fact that Sydney's Fox Studios was the only film studio available that would allow them to basically take over the whole complex required for shooting such a large project.

Click here to watch the video (windows media file) at the "Sunday Morning Shootout" website.

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