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Wizard #172

December 19, 2005: Wizard Magazine “Superman Returns” Snippets

To increase public awareness of their special 28 page "Superman Returns" issue of Wizard Magazine (#172 due out Wednesday December 21st) the publisher has sent out snippets of various interviews contained within the magazine, and allowed various websites to present them online...

Brandon Routh interview quotes (from FanBoyPlanet):
"There's a great sense of gracefulness and powerfulness and kingliness in the suit," Routh said from the Sydney, Australia set of the film in an exclusive interview with Wizard: The Comics Magazine. "It's very regal. It's the best feeling that I have. I feel like a king or the prince that Superman is. I feel larger than life in the suit. Then there are the strong boots and the cape added, and you can just parade around in it without having to do anything. It just speaks for itself."

Brandon's reaction to criticism of him being too small (from BrandonRouth.com):
"That was always a big concern for everyone," Routh said with a laugh from the Sydney, Australia set of the movie in an exclusive interview with Wizard: The Comics Magazine. "I was never concerned about it, because I knew that I was in good hands with the people that I've been blessed to train with, and I knew from previous weightlifting experiences in high school and college that I could put on weight. I was worried that I might get too big to be human in other films beyond this. But it's been cool to see myself transform as well."

Kevin Spacey interview quotes (from BlueTights.net):
"To me, it's one of those great, iconic parts," Spacey exclusively told Wizard: The Comics Magazine, taking a break from tooling around the New Krypton set of the film in Sydney, Australia in a golf cart adorned with the Superman logo. "Bryan's been very attentive and respectful to the genre and what the fan base really wants, but he also brings a new direction to the character and how people deal with each other. This film is a much darker Lex than the Gene Hackman character. This is a bitter Lex. This is a Lex after a long time in prison. But there's still a lot of humor to it."

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