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Brandon Routh as Superman

May 9, 2005: More Comments on the New Superman Costume

A few more "industry" people have emailed the Superman Homepage with their views on the new Superman costume for "Superman Returns"...

Jim Hambrick (owner of the Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois):
I actually like the new Superman Costume. I think the colors are actually brighter than the pictures that are out there show.

Glenn Whitmore (long-time colorist on the Superman comic books):
My overall impression of the "Superman Returns" costume is favorable. It's very 1938ish and the small "S" chest insignia actually makes the actor seem bigger. At close study, the boots seem like a throwback to '38 with the faux wrapping around the ankles. The only complaint I would have is that the shorts are a bit too skimpy, but that's being nitpicky. Other than that, good job by the costume designer.

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